Enjoy Your Mechanicsburg PA Holidays With Us!

Mechanicsburg Self Storage has storage options both interior and outdoor parking. Find self storage for your belongings and vehicles online or take a tour today. Our outdoor parking is fully fenced and only accessible with your personalized code. Self storage here can make your Mechanicsburg PA holidays easier. With space in the driveway and room around the house, you can enjoy your new organized space.

Did you know we are also collecting toys for a local charity? Toys for Tots has been a staple in our community and here at Mechanicsburg Self Storage for many years. While you move your belongings into your storage unit, or stop by the office to pay your bill, drop off your favorite toy to make child’s holiday special.

Mechanicsburg PA Holidays

Why Toys for Tots?

Toys for Tots began the first campaign in Los Angeles in 1947. The founder Major Bill Hendricks started with handmade dolls his wife Diane made. Since Bill Hendricks was in the Marine Corps, he thought it was perfect for other members to join together and make this a yearly tradition. Since then the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve answered the call and continued to serve their community. They are upstanding citizens spreading kinds acts and cheer during a time many families struggle.

In 2000 the 2000th toy drive was started and since then over 200 million kids have been supported and over 500 million toys distributed.

Through these selfless gifts, the hope is to show kids what a positive role model is so they can one day be active and supportive in their community.

Storage for a New Year

Celebrate the new year with clean organized space. Mechanicsburg Self Storage is ready to help you when you need storage. Our professionals can walk you through the process of and assist you when renting your next storage unit.

Make your Mechanicsburg PA holidays and new year, special by helping us with our holiday initiative.

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