Which storage unit do you need?

Trying to keep the clutter out of your home or office? Stay on top of it with a storage unit at Mechanicsburg Self Storage. Our experts are breaking down each size and recommending how much can fit in each one. Don’t stick¬†with a unit that doesn’t work for you, use our sizing chart to make your decision.

storage in Mechanicsburg PA


Parking Space

Is your RV or extra car sitting out in the yard or on the side of the house? Keep your summer transportation somewhere safe, like our available parking spots. With our convenient options for parking you will be able to access your automobile any time you want.


Temperature Controlled

We make it our mission to keep your gear safe. We highly recommend storing your gear in a temperature controlled storage unit. This self storage feature will protect your items from the harsh temperatures and season changes.



Need a little extra space for the business promotional items? This is ideal for businesses in the area that have decorations and documents taking up valuable work space. There is plenty of room for all your trade show items as well as extra office supplies.



This medium size unit is better for bigger projects around the house. Maybe you have a lot of equipment and not all of it is being used this season; keep the tools you need for the winter here. You can comfortably fit 2 or even 3 bedrooms inside.



With our largest unit you can store everything from the house to the business. You couch, mattresses, dressers and large appliances will have enough room next to your filing cabinets and marketing materials. This is even a great spot for the large equipment like snow blowers and dirt bikes.


Don’t let finding the right storage unit stop you from being successful during your next move. Get packed up, moved in and moving faster with Mechanicsburg Self Storage.

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