Long Distance Moving And Storage Tips

Planning on moving to a new neighborhood? Mechanicsburg Self Storage can be the storage solution you need. Our moving and storage tips this month will guide you through any long distance move. Stop by our office in Mechanicsburg PA or give our experts a call today!

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Moving And Storage Mechanicsburg PA

Updating Information

As you are in the midst of moving long distance, changing your address with the post office is of high importance. Forwarding mail to your new location will only be temporary. It is extremely crucial to let all places that you may interact with and receive mail from know of your address change, so that bills are being paid on time. Below is a brief moving checklist of where addresses need to be changed when moving long distance.

  • Daily: (Post Office & Employer)
  • Utilities: (Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage)
  • Personal: (Cell-Phone Service, Cable/Internet, Memberships, Health Care Providers)
  • Financials: (Bank, Loans, Credit Cards, Investments)

Rejuvenate Your Pantry

Do you usually check up on your pantry or cabinets? If going through the pantry is a once in a while task for you, then when it comes time to moving there will be an extra task on your to do list. Once you finally clean out your pantry and cabinets it will be easy to tell the items you are lacking. Using this printable checklist will allow you to obtain all the pantry necessitates in a much easier fashion.

Our Mechanicsburg PA storage units allow the process of moving to the area or even selling your home as easy as it can be. Discover the extra space needed for your long distance move and check out Mechanicsburg Self Storage.

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