Storage rental for staging your home

What is an easy way to sell your home? A house showing should give a buyer a positive feeling about what they are buying and one way you can achieve this is with staging. A storage rental at Mechanicsburg Self Storage has the answers when you are ready to start. With a safe place like this, you can dial in on selling your property fast with a couple quick fixes.

Mechanicsburg PA storage rental

Exterior Details

Regardless of the season, your first impression always comes from the outside. When buyers pull up you want them to have positive reactions, so keep the landscape organized. Fall and spring are great times to trim back trees and get the garden in order. You can plant a few flowers for some added color or hang a flag during the cooler months.

Make a big difference

The little details will put your property above all the rest, cleaning should be at the top. Each room requires a deep clean and a few quick adjustments. While making it spotless, pay attention to the floor, if it could use a fresh shine or a shampoo, plan ahead for a big task like this. Matching towels in the bathroom, a plant in the kitchen, a vase of flowers in the bedroom, are these small changes will set you apart from the rest of the listings.

Create a scene

Choose a theme or color you want to focus on in each room. Use the decorations you already have to help stay on budget, while the rest goes to storage. While setting the scene, remove appliances and pack them away.

Simplicity is very important when showing a home and when you need space a storage rental from Mechanicsburg Self Storage is here to help. Stop in to start renting or choose your unit online and move in the same day!

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