What You Need To Know For Selling Items Online

Where are you storing your gear while you sell online? Mechanicsburg Self Storage has available space to help you start selling items online. With a parking space for the RV or spare car, you can sell it without taking up space in your driveway. Our Mechanicsburg PA storage units are also helpful for businesses looking to expand online, and need a place for merchandise.

Stop by our storage location on Simpson Ferry Road to take a tour around our Mechanicsburg PA storage facility. See how our self storage space can make a difference when selling online.

Selling Items Online Mechanicsburg PA

Websites and Apps For Selling

Post the same item on multiple sites and get the most traffic. See which works best for your products.

  1. Etsy is useful for crafters and small businesses.
  2. Facebook Marketplace can help find household items.
  3. Ebay has collectibles and specific hobby materials.
  4. Offer Up has a category for everything but electronics and clothing are best sellers here.

Tips to Promote Online Sales

  1. Be clear and concise with your descriptions, add dimensions for furniture and details about clothing.
  2. Be Professional – offer great customer service
  3. Be up front with wear and tear – Does it work?

How Selling Items Online Can help You?

  • Start your online store and use self storage as an extra inventory closet.
  • Pay off student loans faster after graduation with the income you make.
  • Save up for a vacation or future plans your family has planned.

Talk with Mechanicsburg Self Storage about your space needs. Self storage may be the right choice for your next move or business endevour. You can rent online or call us to set up your facility tour.

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