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Why Choose Our Local Storage?

Is swapping your summer gear for fall items proving to be a challenge this year? Maybe your extra space you have at home could use an overhaul or you want to utilize that space more, Mechanicsburg Self Storage can help. With a local storage unit in Mechanicsburg PA, our customers find the answers they need to store everything.

New teachers, papers to sign, and the latest fads, the start of school is busy, so get your home ready with these tips! Our storage experts can help you store your extra items as well as find a use for the new square footage at home.

Local Storage Mechanicsburg PA

Back To School Organization

  1. Labels will keep things from getting mixed up on the bus or in the classroom.
  2. Plan what is for dinner each weekend. Leave the shopping list and menu out so everyone can see what is for dinner and add to the grocery list.
  3. Set an alarm a few minutes before the bust arrives so any stragglers can get their items together and make it to the stop on time.
  4. Keep a supply stash on hand for those last minute projects due tomorrow.
  5. Toss clothing that no longer fits or donate gently used items to a local donation center.

Seasonal Storage for Cooler Weather

  1. Pump up tires on bikes and yard equipment before storing them. Hard floors can make flat spots on these types of wheels.
  2. Clean out your closet and store last season’s outfits properly with the help of InStyle.
  3. Store canoes and kayaks on a shelf in a storage unit. This will save space in your storage unit as well as protect your boats.
  4. Find moving supplies in our office to help with this season’s transitions.
  5. Plastic bins make it easy to find camping or beach gear when summer comes around again.

Our outdoor parking, indoor storage units, and temperature controlled features make our local storage in Mechanicsburg PA help for all storage needs. Start getting ready for cooler weather with our storage options at Mechanicsburg Self Storage.

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